You could be owed £1,000s from your PPI refund

A new multi-billion wave of PPI claims has been launched after it emerged banks and credit card companies exploited their customers by secretly charging huge commissions.

Successive court case judgments have ruled that these secret PPI commissions were unfair and should be paid back.

Now a new group court claim has been launched to recover up to £18bn on behalf of PPI consumers.

Millions of bank and credit card customers who took out PPI are eligible to join the claim with the average payout estimated to be £2,500 - £3,000.

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Resolver has helped people raise more than 2.5 million PPI claims for free. Now we are aiming to help as many people as possible access a fair process for claiming back £1000s of undisclosed PPI commission.

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What is PPI Secret Commissions Claim?

In the 2014 landmark case, Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance Ltd, Mrs Susan Plevin argued that if she had known that 71.8% of her PPI payments were actually commission taken by Paragon she would never have taken out the policy.

Ruling in her favour, the Supreme Court ordered Paragon to refund the commission paid, as well as pay extra in compensatory interest.

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Could you benefit from the Plevin ruling?

The Plevin ruling means that anyone who was charged excessive commission that was not disclosed to them can claim for repayment of all premiums and interest.

This includes those who:

  1. were sold PPI but have never made a claim

  2. had PPI but were denied a pay-out

  3. An ‘unfair relationship’ (s140A Consumer Credit Act 1974) existed between you and your bank/credit card company because you were not informed that a substantial proportion of your PPI payments were ‘commission’ or ‘profit share’ rather than insurance premiums.

  4. Even if you have previously made a successful PPI claim and recovered some compensation from your bank/ credit card company , you may still be eligible to receive an additional payment due to the existence of an “ unfair relationship “ giving rise to excessive undisclosed commission/ profit share

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Who are Harcus Parker?

Harcus Parker is a well-known and reputable law firm that specialises in group litigation claims on behalf of consumers. This year they are launching a ‘no win, no fee’ group legal action (GLO) to help millions of customers reclaim thousands of pounds of concealed PPI commission.

We have partnered with them to offer a solution for those who want to find out if they are eligible and submit a claim as efficiently as possible.

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